It can be frustrating to have a clogged toilet drain that interrupts your routine. You don’t have to worry if your bathroom sink is clogged. This blog post will take you step-by-step through the process of clearing a clogged toilet drain. You will learn new tips and tricks to help you tackle the clog.

  1. Assessing the Situation: Prior to reaching for a snake, you must first determine the severity of your clog. The water is draining slowly, or has it backed up completely? Knowing the extent and cause of the obstruction will allow you to determine the best course of treatment. You will need to remove any standing water with a bucket, towel or other object if the water is completely static.
  2. Gathering Tools: In order to snake out an obstructed lavatory sink, you will require a few essential tools. The first thing you need is a drain snake (also called a plumber’s auge), which you can find in most hardware stores. A bucket or towels are also recommended to catch any water, debris or other liquids that may come up from the drain. Rubber gloves, a flashlight and other tools can be very helpful.
  3. Preparing the Drain: Snake It is important to properly prepare the drain before inserting it into the clogged toilet drain. The snake should be fully extended and locked in place to prevent it from retracting while it is in use. Using the instructions included with the tool, adjust the snake’s crank or handle.
  4. The Drain Snake: Snaking out the Clog Insert the drain snake as far into the lavatory as you can, without exerting excessive force. Rotate clockwise the handle or crank as you feed the snake deeper into the drain. The rotating action helps to dislodge any clogs, and the snake’s gripping will allow you to remove them. Continue snaking until you run into resistance or when the snake reaches the maximum length.
  5. When you feel resistance, or when the snake reaches its end, it is time to clear debris. Retract the snake slowly while rotating the crank or handle. This action will force the clog out of the drain along with any attached debris. As the debris emerges, use a towel or bucket to collect it. Repeat the process of snaking as needed until the drain flows freely and the blockage is cleared.
  6. Flushing the Drain and Preventative Steps After successfully clearing the blocked lavatory sink drain, you should flush it with hot running water to remove any debris. For several minutes, run hot water through the drain to remove any loose particles. Use drain covers that catch hair to prevent future clogs. You can also flush the drain regularly with hot or vinegar-baking soda mixtures to keep it clean.


Avoid letting a clogged toilet drain ruin your day. You can restore normal drainage to your sink by following the steps in this guide. Don’t forget to evaluate the severity and prepare the necessary tools. Then, carefully snake the clog out. To prevent clogs in the future, flush out the drain after you have finished.

You’ll have the tools and techniques to get rid of clogs in no time and enjoy a drain that works smoothly once more.