Wall mount faucets provide a sleek, modern aesthetic for any bathroom. Replacing an old faucet can improve the appearance and functionality of a space. This blog post will take you step-by-step through the process of changing a bathroom wall mount faucet.

From assembling the right tools to making sure the installation is done correctly, we will provide you with new ideas and suggestions to make this task simple and rewarding.

  1. Gathering Materials and Tools: Before beginning the project, you should gather the tools that are needed. Along with the wall mounted faucet, you will also need a plumber’s tape and a bucket to catch the water. If necessary, a second person can help during the installation. It is important to prepare everything in advance. This will help the installation go smoothly.
  2. Close the Water Supply: Shutoff the water supply before you remove the old faucet. To stop the water flowing, locate the shutoff valves under the sink and near the main supply line. Rotate them clockwise. Open the faucet handles and let any remaining water out of the pipes. You can use a towel or bucket to collect any residual water.
  3. Remove the old faucet: Next, remove the old wall-mount faucet. To begin, disconnect the water supply pipes using a wrench. Take care not to damage your pipes. Next, remove the screws or mounting hardware that secures the faucet on the wall. Carefully pull the faucet from the wall. Ask a helper if necessary to hold the faucet while it is being removed.
  4. Prepare for New Installation: Now that the old faucet has been removed, it is time to prepare for installation of the wall mount faucet. Check the plumbing connections and make sure they are in good shape. Cleaning the area around wall openings to remove any debris or residue from the old faucet is essential. Install a layer or plumber’s adhesive tape on the threads of your new faucet. This will create a tight seal and prevent water from leaking.
  5. Install the New Faucet: Aligning the new wall mount tap with the opening on the wall, carefully insert the faucet. The manufacturer will provide mounting hardware, including screws, to attach the faucet to the walls. Do not overtighten your screws. This can damage the faucet and the wall. After the faucet is in place, connect the water supply lines and tighten them properly.
  6. Test and Adjustment: Before you can consider your project finished, it is important to check the wall mount faucet’s functionality. Slowly open the water supply valves to let water flow into the faucet. Check the connections for leaks and adjust if necessary to ensure an airtight seal. Test the handles for hot and cool water to make sure they work smoothly and adjust them as necessary.


The installation of a new wall mount faucet can transform the appearance and functionality in your bathroom. Following a step by step process, gathering the required tools and taking precautions for a proper install, you can upgrade with ease your bathroom.

It is important to remember to turn off your water supply and remove the old tap carefully. Then, you should prepare for the new installation. Finally, test the new fixture for its functionality. You’re on your way to creating a bathroom that is stylish and functional.