No matter where you live, there will be many problems with your toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get a Long Beach plumber on the spot. It is therefore important to know the basics of common plumbing problems.

The Toilet Will Not Flush

This is a common problem that is easily fixed. Sometimes, the hook or chain can simply fall off the handle.

Broken Handle or Chain

Sometimes, the internal flushing device may break due to a breakage of the handle or chain (if it’s plastic). Next, go to your local hardware store. Then, drive to your local home improvement store.

Toilet Clogged

There are many things that could block a toilet. Some toilets can also be blocked by pipes. A plunger is a tool with a rubber suction cups attached to a pole. This allows the clog to be forced down into the sewer.

Garbage Disposal won’t turn on

You can dispose of food scraps by using a garbage disposal. You can dispose of food scraps by using a garbage disposal. You should not panic and call a Long Beach plumber to replace your disposal. Instead, open the cupboard doors to view below the sink.