A smart investment is upgrading your toilet to one that uses less water and is more energy efficient. This blog will take you through the process of installing a Glacier Bay Dual Flush Toilet. This toilet is popular for its water saving features and ease of installation. You’ll install your new toilet in no time with the help of step-bystep directions and useful tips.

Let’s take a look at the process to install a Glacier Bay Dual Flush Toilet.

Gather the Materials and Tools Necessary

Before you start the installation, ensure that all necessary materials and tools are available. Included in this list are a wrench or screwdriver and other tools, such as a leveling ring, mounting screws, mounting bolts, and your Glacier Bay Dual Flush Toilet, which comes with an installation kit.

Prepare the Installation Area

Shut off the current toilet’s water supply. After disconnecting the supply line, unscrew the mounting bolts and then remove the existing toilet. Examine the floor flange, looking for signs of damage and wear. Replace or repair the flange, if needed.

Install the Waxring

Place the wax band onto the flange. Ensure it is properly centered. The wax rings create a tight seal between the drain pipe and toilet, which prevents leaks. Press gently down on the ring of wax to fix it.

Position the toilet

Place the Glacier Bay Dual Flush Toliet over the ring of wax and the flange. Make sure mounting bolts line up with holes on the toilet base. As you lower the toilet, apply equal pressure to the wax ring in order to seal the toilet.

Secure the Toilet

The mounting bolts should be inserted into the holes. Tighten them using a wrench. You should not overtighten as this could damage the toilet. If you want to make sure that the toilet is sitting level, use a compass. You can adjust the position of the toilet by adding or subtracting shims from the base.

Connecting Water Supply

Attach the supply line of water to the filling valve at the base of the toilet tank. Tighten firmly the nut with your hand, then add a quarter-turn to it using a wrench. Check that the connection has been made watertight.

Install Dual Flush Buttons

Glacier Bay Dual Flush Toilets have a water-saving dual flush system. Install the dual flush button according to the manufacturer’s instructions. These buttons will allow you to choose a partial flush if your waste is liquid and a complete flush if it’s solid. This helps conserve water.

Test the Toilet

Turn on water and fill the toilet tank. Check the toilet for leaks in the area around the tank’s base and at its water supply connection. Connect the toilet as necessary to tighten connections. For proper water flow, flush your toilets multiple times.

Final Adjustments

If you are unsure if the toilet is working properly, check it and make any necessary changes. Check that the toilet is firmly attached to your floor and that it is level. If necessary, trim mounting bolts and add bolt caps to finish the look.


Installing your Glacier Bay Dual Flush Toilet is an easy and straightforward process. It can help you to save water, as well as reduce your impact on the environment. This guide provides step-by-step directions to help you install your new toilet.

Don’t forget to collect the necessary tools, prep the installation area and test for leaks on the toilet before making final adjustments. You’ll be able to improve your bathroom with your new Glacier Bay Dual Flush Toilet, and you will also contribute towards a more sustainable environment.