Many homeowners are afraid of plumbing problems. However, the most difficult problems to fix are those they fear. A clogged toilet, for example, is usually a temporary problem that can be fixed with a plumber’s snake or a plunger.A slab leak is, however, a bigger concern that can lead to a serious plumbing problem.

These are water leaks under your concrete foundation. Because they are harder to spot, they’re not as obvious as pipe leaks in your home. It is unlikely that you will see water dripping from the faucet or see a pool of water under the sink. It is possible to reduce the damage by early detection.

These are the symptoms of slab leakage.

Watch and smell mold

Mold can be found in basements. Some homeowners may smell the mold, ignore it and then become desensitized to it. Most mold is so bothersome that people try to find out where it came from. Mold is not something to ignore. Although it may not be a sign of a slab leakage, it should be addressed immediately by your Long Beach plumber.

Water puddles are a new discovery

Water puddles are often deceiving. You might suspect that your water heater may be leaking in the basement. If water is puddled in your bathroom or kitchen, it could be a leaky dishwasher. It could be a slab leak if your sinks, toilets or appliances are not damaged.

Do not assume that puddles will be a problem. Your Long Beach plumber should be called to inspect the situation and determine if there is a slab leak.

Your utility bills can rise

A rise in your utility bills is always a cause for concern. It’s possible that your utility bill is increasing because of summer water usage. If your water bill suddenly goes up despite not having any unusual water usage, it could be a slab leak.

Slab leaks can occur in the pipes beneath your house. You may hear water running even after you turn off the water. If you are unable to determine the reason for your rising utility bills, it is time for a Long Beach plumber to help you.

Your Foundation is changing

Foundation settling can be caused by slab leaks. This can be caused by soil erosion or water damage.

Cracks in the foundation might be visible from the outside. Cracks in your walls might be found inside. Long Beach plumbers are highly recommended to help you find the problem quickly and fix it.

These problems shouldn’t be ignored. These problems may or not lead to a slab leak. It doesn’t matter what type of plumbing problem they may be, the key to fixing them is now.