Extreme temperatures and heavy storms can cause serious damage to your home’s plumbing system. These conditions can be especially hard on your main sewer line. Storms often backup main sewer lines. In addition to the excessively hot summer temperatures, severe weather conditions can quickly lead to main sewer line clogging and home damage.

The problem is not caused by the weather. The problem is caused by the rapid growth of tree roots in sewer pipes.


How can you tell if your main sewer line has backed up?  This problem can be identified by three main signs:

  1. A foul-smelling stench from the drains.
  2. Slow draining laundry lines or bathtubs.
  3. If other fixtures are connected to your main line, it can cause water backup in areas such as showers or toilets.


Backups and damage to main sewer lines may seem like something that can be put off, but it is not. Raw sewage can back up into your sinks and bathtubs if the roots aren’t removed promptly.

Main sewer line maintenance is crucial because it is the pipe that transports waste from your household drains to a sewage treatment plant. An experienced Long Beach Plumber can fix sewer backups and damage to main lines. Make this the most stress-free, stress-free month by being alert for signs of sewer backup in the last weeks of summer.