Because natural gas leaks can lead to serious explosions or deaths from asphyxiation, gas line services are not DIY jobs or jobs for your local handyman.

If you smell a rotten egg odor or hear a hissing sound coming from a pipe or appliance, you need to immediately evacuate your home and call for emergency assistance. These are signs of a gas leak and it is very important that you get the issue rectified right away.

When you call a local Long Beach Plumber, they can provide:

Gas Leak Detection — Natural gas lines run into all sorts of places in homes such as water heaters, furnaces, fireplaces, ovens, boilers, clothes dryers, and hot tubs.

Our Long Beach plumbers can pinpoint the precise location of a gas leak so that it can be properly repaired.

Gas Leak Repairs — It’s so important that gas leaks be repaired promptly and properly. Our plumbers have the experience to know if a gas line is fit to be repaired or if a gas line replacement will be necessary.

Gas Line Installation — When you have your gas lines professionally installed, it is less probable that you’ll suffer a gas leak. Don’t put yourself, your family, and your home at risk by attempting this feat yourself.