Do you have a brown spot on the ceiling that keeps expanding despite it not being raining? Do you feel like your ceiling is leaking? Leaking plumbing lines are likely to be the cause. If your air conditioner condensation drain lines are routed through your ceiling, they may cause the leakage. In many cases, however, the problem is a plumbing leak.

Tiny leakages in connections can cause many plumbing leaks to occur slowly. Because the temperatures rise in these areas, plumbing will expand and contract over time. Based on nighttime temperatures and heat, plumbing lines will expand or contract daily.

The connections can become weaker over time and leak tiny amounts of water.

These types of plumbing leaks are most commonly found under floors, beneath foundations, inside walls cavities, and in the areas where plumbing lines lie. Leaks can also form in two-story homes and homes with rerouted pipes or where plumbing is found in the ceiling space.

You should consider yourself lucky if you find a stain or water drip. It could take months for other cases to notice that there is a problem. Hidden leaks can be difficult to detect or recognize. However, higher water bills could indicate something is wrong. It’s generally a good idea for you to call a local Long Beach Plumber to check your water system if you find yourself in this position. Don’t delay the problem. If there’s a leak in your plumbing, you may have other issues. Leaking plumbing can lead to mold, mildew and bacterial growth in your ceilings or walls.

If not addressed immediately, these contaminants could make you and your loved ones sick. Your wood and other building materials may rot and need to be replaced.

Wall texture or ceiling texture peeling can also be a sign that there is moisture problem. High humidity could indicate a problem in your home. Because they were not designed to withstand moisture, high humidity can actually cause damage to your indoor materials.

An experienced professional Long Beach Plumber will be able to locate the problem and fix it without having to remove your ceiling. The property owner saves time and money by using state-of-the-art equipment to find and repair leaks.