Plumbers will tell ya that good plumbing pipes is vital in your walls.

Rattling pipes

The sound of water moving through pipes can be described as water hammer. To dispel the problem, a port is located near your faucets or plumbing fixtures and runs across your roof. If the vent is blocked, a vacuum may form and a hammering sound might occur.

Main Line Problems

Your main water supply should be disconnected. You can move the floor faucet from your basement to outside or on the floor closest to the main sewer line. Water will eventually stop flowing and water can be drained from your pipes. Allow water to re-fill your pipes and then shut off the faucet.

Water pressure

Plumbing experts will tell you that high water pressure can lead to loud banging or rattling in your plumbing. Ask your plumber for a pressure regulator. This will make water flow more efficiently through your home.