Your main water line is the most important part of your plumbing system. You should immediately call a Long Beach plumber to discuss repairs or replacement. It can be difficult to know when your water line is in need of repair. These are some signs that your main waterline needs to be checked immediately.

Frequent Clogs

One of the most obvious signs of a water main issue is often the one that is most ignored. It is possible that your plunger will not be able fix the problem if you have regular clogs in your plumbing.

Long Beach plumbers can help you if you are experiencing clogs you cannot explain.

Noisy Taps & Fixtures

Your plumbing system is the one in your house that should be silent for most of the time. There is a possibility that your main water supply line is leaking. This is a serious problem that can affect more than one pipe of your plumbing system.

Swimming in the Outside Pool

The most obvious sign of a water main problem may not be visible from your home. You should immediately call a Long Beach plumber if you notice any unusual puddles or extra green in your yard above the main water line. You may not be aware that there is a water leak below the ground.

Increased utility bills

You could have a water main issue if your water bill suddenly rises from a normal, manageable level. There may not be any leaks in your home, but it could be a problem with your main water line.

Low water pressure

A blockage in your water main can cause water to stop flowing into your home. This could be caused by tree roots or other obstructions. A blockage in the main water supply line could cause a sudden drop in water pressure.

Many homeowners know when it is time to call a plumber to fix or replace their water lines. When plumbing is built to last for many years, people don’t expect it to break down. Some people live a long time without having to think about their plumbing or main water lines.

Water line breaks can happen at any time. These signs and symptoms will help you to determine when to call a plumber.