The plumbing system is essential for our homes to function efficiently and effectively. A poor plumbing system can lead to serious structural damage and health problems. But what happens if the pipes are old and need to be relined?

Are you able to recognize when it is time to reline your piping system? These are crucial tasks for homeowners to think about. Quality services like pipe replacement could be a lifeline for your family and home.

Common Signs

Because the majority of plumbing pipes are underground, homeowners are unlikely to have the opportunity to inspect the system. It’s almost impossible to inspect the pipe in person. There are certain signs that your pipes need maintenance or professional relining. Here are some examples:

  • Water backup
  • Water of low quality
  • Tree nearby that could puncture the pipes
  • A strange odor in the yard
  • Toilets make gurgling sounds
  • Clogs, rust, or debris
  • In the tub or shower, sludge

These signs should be noted immediately so that you can call professional plumbers. You can save your system as well as your money by acting quickly.

When to Reline Pipes

Most homeowners think of summer when it comes time to reline their piping. Summer is a great time to do outdoor plumbing work because of the clear weather and gentle breeze. Pipe relining is best done in late spring or early autumn. These are the best times to reline pipes because the soil is at its softest. Pipe relining can be done any time of year, but it is more difficult if the soil has become hardened or rough.