A leaking faucet isn’t just an annoying issue that may disrupt your sleeping –it is also a massive waste of money each month. Fixing a leaking faucet can save 10 percent on a homeowner’s monthly water bill, so it is ideal to fix that leak sooner rather than later.

Before the leak being fixed, however, its cause must be identified. This informative article will cover some common causes of leaky faucets in Long Beach, CA:

O ring issues: Your faucet’s O ring is attached to the stem twist and is partially responsible for holding the handle in place. If the faucet is dripping from the handle, the specific ring is probably worn or loose out. Replacing it should solve the issue.

Corroded valve seat: The valve seat is the relation between the faucet and the spout. A buildup of sediment from the water can corrode the valve seat, eventually leading to a leak near the spout. Cleaning the valve seat is the ideal way to avoid this issue.

Worn washer: Over time, the washers that break against the valve seat can wear down due to friction. Again, issues with the washers are likely to bring about a leak near the spout.

Improper installation: Speaking of washers, if they’re not installed properly, you may get a leak in the near future. To avoid this issue, we always advise hiring a plumber instead of attempting any DIY installations.

Water pressure issues : If your faucet just drips at certain times of day, you may be dealing with a larger issue: your water pressure. Water pressure is one of the worst causes of leaky faucets in Long Beach, CA, as it’s not something homeowners can fix by themselves. You’ll need to call a plumber to address this one.

Loose parts: Elements of the handle may get loose with time. If the parts get too loose, then the handle can start to leak. The fantastic news is that trimming or replacing the packing nut has to do the trick to prevent the leak.

What to Do If Your Faucet Is Leaking

A leaky faucet is nothing to ignore. Here are your options if you notice a leak:

Try a DIY repair: Some of the leak causes mentioned above can be fixed with a tiny know-how and the appropriate tools.

There are also lots of YouTube videos that can lead you through the steps to fix the leak if you require extra assistance. But, DIY fixes might actually make things worse in the long term, which is precisely why we don’t often recommend them.

Call the experts: Instead of wasting your time and potentially making the leak worse, employ a professional Long Beach Plumber to do the job.