Sewer repair is one of the most costly plumbing issues homeowners might face. Most homeowners’ insurance does not cover sewer repairs. The city does not handle these repairs. You are responsible for all costs. It can be frustrating, exhausting, and even painful. A professional Long Beach Plumber can simplify the entire process.


It is vital to have a basic inspection of your sewer system every two years. Professional inspections will help ensure that your system runs smoothly. This professional inspection will detect any potential leaks and problems before they become major issues. If you notice any differences in your plumbing system, it is worth scheduling an inspection. These could include lower than normal water pressure, higher utility bills, and odd smells coming from the pipes.

An inspection is only one step in any repair project. New methods are often used for repairs, such as trench-less sewer repairs.

Sewer Repairs that require less trenching

Trench-less sewer repair is the latest advancement in plumbing, specifically for sewer repairs. To fix a single sewer, a plumber would need to use digging equipment to dig the area. You can now save thousands by using trench less techniques.

Professional Plumbers in Long Beach, CA can use the trench less technique to locate the problem or leak in the sewer system. Once the problem has been identified, the experienced Long Beach Plumber can quickly and painlessly remove the pipe from your property without having to tear up large areas of it. This is a simple, cost-effective option.