Most homeowners want to know as little as possible about their plumbing system. Most homeowners don’t want information about sewer pipe damage or blockages. These issues can lead to costly repairs.

Even if your sewer is connected to their pipes, the city won’t handle it. It is important to be educated. Know the cost of repairs, what a contractor does, and how long it takes. This information can save you time, money and headaches.

Different Types of Sewer Problems

Prior to scheduling work, it is essential to know the nature of your sewer problem. A camera inspection or expert analysis can help you find out more about your sewer problems. Spot repair is only possible in certain circumstances. You will most likely need to replace the sewer completely or partially.

Spot Repairs are a Good Idea

Tree roots are a major problem with sewer lines. Roots can cause blockages and leaks in the pipes as they grow. In these cases, it is sensible to replace 5 feet of pipe. A variety of fittings can be joined to cast iron or clay pipes to create watertight joints. These fittings allow for spot repairs that last a lifetime.

Digging Laws

Local government laws are in place to allow digging on any property. You will need to apply for a permit in many cases. A government inspector can sometimes be called to inspect the site and ensure that you don’t damage any city pipes or wires. These waters can be negotiated more efficiently by a professional contractor.