Are your pipes squealing in your house? Are you hearing a rattling or banging sound when you turn on your water supply? You’re not the only one who hears this. Loud pipes in your home can be a problem but they can also be fixed. This blog post will provide some helpful tips and tricks for dealing with noisy plumbing pipes in your house.

Find the cause of the noise

It is important to first identify the source of loud pipes. Water pressure, leaky pipes and sediment buildup are all common causes. It’s a good idea for you to call a professional Long Beach Plumber to look into the problem.

Method 1: Install water hammer arrestors

Water hammer is one of the leading causes of loud pipes. Water hammer is a loud banging sound that can be heard when you quickly turn off a valve or faucet. Your plumbing pipes can be damaged by water hammer over time. It is important to get it fixed as soon as you can. Water hammer arrestors are a great solution. These devices absorb the shock from the water and prevent the banging sound when the faucet is turned off.

Method 2: Secure loose pipes

Your pipes may be loose if you hear or feel a rattling sound when you turn on your water. This is common in older homes, where pipes could have moved over time. You can fix the problem by attaching the pipes to the walls with pipe straps and foam insulation. These will hold the pipes in place, and stop water from leaking through them.

Method 3: Turn off the water heater

It’s possible for your water heater to make a popping or whistling sound. Your water heater can make noises when minerals and other debris build up over time. You can flush your water heater to fix the problem. The process involves draining the water tank and flushing out any sediment. This should be done every year to prevent sediment buildup and maintain a running water heater.

Method 4: Adjust water pressure

It’s possible your water pressure is too high if you hear a loud whistling sound when you turn on the water. High water pressure can make your pipes vibrate and produce noise. You can fix the problem by adjusting your water pressure regulator. This valve controls your home’s water pressure. The regulator can be adjusted by turning the screw at its top. Before making any changes to the water pressure regulator, it is a good idea consult a professional Long Beach Plumber.


Loud pipes in your plumbing system can be annoying but can also be fixed. You can stop the pipes from causing damage by identifying the source of the noise. If you are unsure of the cause or you don’t feel comfortable doing repairs yourself, it’s best to call a professional plumber. You can have a quiet, efficient plumbing system installed in your home with a little effort.