It can be stressful to discover a hot water heater leak. It can be hard to think clearly when water is leaking from the tank or pooling at your feet. Our Long Beach Plumbers are here to help. There are some easy things you can do before you call a Long Beach plumber to fix the problem and find the source of the water leak.

Learn How to Deal with a Leaking Water Heater Tank

  1. Turn off the hot water heater’s power source The switch is located either on the hot water heater or the breaker box for electric water heaters.
  2. Turn off water supply to the tank after it has been turned off.
  3. Once you have completed these steps, drain the water tank. This process can be complex, so make sure you follow the instructions.
    • Attach a gardenhose to drain valve located near bottom of tank. Then, run the hose to nearest sump pump pit/floor drain.
    • To allow water to drain from the tank, open the drain valve.
    • If water isn’t flowing freely, it might be necessary to open the vacuum valve in the hot water heater. Simply turn on the hot water source in your home.
  4. Keep your tank full and contact a professional Long Beach Plumber to help you get it back on track.

Water Heater Replacement and Repair

There may be an easy fix for a leaking water heater. You may need to replace the water heater if it is an older unit or if the tank’s interior is corroded by minerals and sediment.