By fixing leaking plumbing, homeowners could save as much as 10%. This is a huge amount of money, especially for families with large numbers. It’s not always the best idea to fix plumbing problems yourself. One, we lack the tools and parts necessary to do more than replace a faucet filter or a tank plunger. You may also not know the cause of the problem and waste time and money. You should choose a plumber who is both reliable and affordable.

You can save money by having a plumber that you can contact for emergencies or routine maintenance. We’ll look at the reasons and ways you can choose the best plumber today.

Why You Will Need a Professional Plumbing Service

Here are some scenarios in which you will wish you hired a professional. Do not try these yourself.

Loss of water pressure

This could be as small as a faucet aerator, or as large as the main waterline itself. It is possible that you will never be able trace the source if you don’t know how to test.

Loss of hot water

It is at this point that people panic and think the water heater has failed. However, if you have a plumber look it over, they may be able to help you avoid purchasing a new unit. A plumber can replace many electrical components that fail.

Clogged Drains

The average bathtub drain can easily become clogged, especially if you have a family with long hair. Rather than dumping drain cleaner, plumbers are a much safer, environmentally-sound, and guaranteed solution. It is difficult to unclog sink drains by yourself, as the clog can be too deep and caked-on for chemical cleaners. Repairing drain cleaners is not an easy task and it can be expensive if you don’t have the right experience.

Toilet and Sewage Clogs

Most people call a plumber for these types of issues. Most people aren’t able to handle sewage cleaning, much less solve it. A toilet that is clogged beyond the reach and power of the plunger can be stressful. But a clog so severe that it cannot be cleared by a “snake”, you should call in a professional.

Frozen Plumbing

Most people create this problem by accident. If you don’t take special care, frozen pipes can break or burst. You should be prepared if temperatures drop below freezing. Turn off the water using your shutoff valve, and call a plumber who will safely unfreeze any pipes.

Plumbing Maintenance

It’s not just about getting out of a clog or emergency leak, but also about preventing it from happening. A professional can ensure that your seals and fittings won’t fail, causing you to pay more for repairs.

The Keys to Selecting a Plumber

We now know why it is important to hire a professional plumber. Let’s go find one. Do some research before you hire the uncle who isn’t licensed but “can fix everything.” Ask plumbing contractors these questions:

What is the final estimate?

You shouldn’t expect an estimate you receive over the telephone to be valid. Only a personal inspection can provide accurate estimates. After they have accessed the scope, they can only give you an estimate. Ask if the estimate includes parts and labor. Before moving forward, check if any contingencies exist.

Hourly rate or Project Rate?

Do they charge an hourly rate for the work or a fixed rate? Hourly rates are often the best option, since most plumbing jobs should not take longer than an hour. Flat rates work well for large renovations and projects.

Some hidden costs may be included in flat rates, for example higher rates for materials.

How do you invoice payments?

Do you want to pay the plumber in full or only half? Never pay a contractor 100% upfront. You’ll waste time in court if they don’t complete the job or do it poorly. A reputable plumber has a contract that includes clauses that define payments based on milestones and standard of work.

Do Other Workers Participate?

You should also pay attention to the hired hands or apprentices in the contract. A plumber who does not mention they employ other workers is a red-flag. Homeowners should be fully informed about who is working on their house. Contractors must also have their workers legally insured. If they are injured on your property, you may be liable to pay their medical bills.

If they clean up after

Another important detail that is often overlooked. Make sure that the plumbers will clean up the mess after they finish the job. Not only is it good manners but also part of their job. A plumber who is honest will not include cleaning as part of his or her on-clock duties. Be wary of contractors who try to extort their hourly rate.

What is their Guarantee?

All work contracted should be backed by a guarantee, and all parts must come with a warrantee. It’s not worth it to hire someone who doesn’t have positive customer reviews or can’t back up their work. Most established contractors provide a limited warranty that lasts at least one year. Manufacturers will typically provide a warranty on parts.