The endless drips from your faucet can also be money being wasted. What amount of water does a dripping faucet contaminate?

A faucet that drips 60 times per second is able to waste approximately 5 gallons of water per day… 2,082 Gallons per year. This could be around $20 per month, which could translate into “drip drip drip”

Which type of faucet do you have?

There are four types of faucets you can choose from: Ceramic, Cartridge, Ball, and Compression.

A Compression Faucet, the most basic type of faucet, has two handles. One for hot and one to cool. The three other types have only one handle and don’t use washers.

How do you fix a dripping compression faucet?

1. Turn off the water supply to the sink.

2. Make sure you don’t let any parts go down the drain. You can either put a stopper into the sink drainage or keep something nearby, such as a towel.

3. Each handle must be removed by removing the cap and unscrewing it.

4. Once you are able to see the nut, use a wrench and pull the stem. You should be able to see the washer and O-ring. The worn washer is likely to be the cause of your dripping.

5. To match the washer’s size, take it to your local home-improvement shop. You might also want to pick up some plumber’s grease while you are there. This is what you will need to install your washer.

6. Use the plumber’s grease to coat the washer. Then, put the parts back together in reverse.

7. Once you have replaced the washer and other parts and your faucet has been repaired, it’s time to turn on your water again.

8. Stop the faucet from leaking and turn on the faucet. Are you able to stop leaking?