Home emergencies are available in many different forms–perhaps the most evident ones are those between the electrical and plumbing systems. Today, let us focus our attention on your home’s plumbing system.

Plumbing system crises are the most severe, largely because not all issues are easy DIY fixes, and attempting to remedy an issue yourself might make matters worse. It is important to call a professional to handle a plumbing crisis, but not everyone knows the difference between the indicators of an easy clog and a significant issue that has to be handled immediately.

If you feel that the problem is much more of a safety or health issue than a small annoyance, then pick up the phone and call an emergency plumbing service in Long Beach, CA. . Here’s what you Ought to Be on the lookout for:

Gas leak: Frequent gas leaks are not normal. They are both scary and dangerous, so do not discount the smell of gas in your home. Faint whiffs of gas can be discovered from turning on a gas stove or preheating the oven, which often dissipate fast. But don’t wait to take action when the odor of gas is very robust and lingers.

Water leaks: Small, short-lived water leaks happen from time to time. As such, differentiating typical sorts of leaks from severe leaks can be tricky.

Apparently, you have a plumbing emergency if you step out of bed one morning into a foot of water. Either your neighborhood is flooded from a storm, or you have a true plumbing emergency on your hands. A small leak isolated to the bathroom means the challenge is in that bathroom, even though it can be far harder to trace back into the source of the water leak once the entire floor is flooded.

Drainage issues: If a toilet won’t flush or drain, you grab the plunger. If a faucet or other drain sounds clogged, then you probably plunge or use a drain cleaner onto it. You know you are not dealing with a common clog when none of these remedies work. Call an emergency plumber to help–especially if a toilet, sink or drain is experiencing water back flow.

No heat: Take care with possible issues between furnaces that require gas to light a pilot light. If there’s suddenly no heat in your house but the heating is on, first check that the thermostat setting is accurate. Also, check the breaker box to guarantee the change for your heating system is not turned off.

Call a heating and plumbing expert if you don’t find any apparent issues.

Faucet and valve damage: Sink hardware wears outs over time. Metal can rust or rust, connections can fray and gunk can develop from the U-bend.

As for faucets and valves, the threads on these sink parts sometime strip–including the water shutoff valve. If this is the case, there’s no way for one to turn the water off. Whether it’s leaking or gushing, you are wasting water and placing your property at risk. Hire a plumber to remedy the situation.