Garden hose connections are located outside the house so any issues can be put off the agenda. They are usually “out of sight and out of mind”. Although you may believe that a leaky garden hose outside your home is not a problem, it is actually outside and should be addressed.

A leaky hose should be treated seriously. It can cause water damage, unnecessarily waste water, and negatively impact your water bill. These are the causes of a leaky pipe and how to fix it.

Problem #1: Water seepage from the hose handle

Water dripping from the outdoor hose around the handle indicates that there is likely a loose or worn washer. To inspect the washer, unscrew the handle. Replace it if it appears worn or warped. If this is not the problem, it is likely that your packing nuts are loose. To fix the problem, tighten the nut grip.

A dripping handle could also indicate a problem with the end of your hose. The end may warp over time due to extreme heat and cold. If the handle is removed and you notice that the end of your hose has become bent, you can remove the end and smoothen it.

Problem #2: Water drips from the faucet

Water leaking from your hose faucet could also be a problem with the packing nuts. To stop the leakage, loosen the nut until it is completely removed. It is possible to check that the washer has not worn out. However, this is less likely to cause the leak. You can also use valve tape to fix the problem (BEST will recommend the type of tape).

Water can drip from the faucet’s fittings. Over time, the gasket (a rubber washer) within them can wear out. Take off the fitting and look inside for the gasket. Replace it if it is worn or damaged.

Problem #3: The hose is leaking

A leaking hose can be fixed if it isn’t extending beyond the body. To resolve the problem, you can cut the hose from either end and put it back together using hose menders.

Please be aware that winter hoses can trap water and crack your water lines.