Spring is a time for everyone to embrace the warm weather and get work done around the house. If you are starting a Spring Cleaning List, make sure you include checking on your plumbing. Here are a few simple things to check for as we transition from winter to spring.

Leaky Pipes

As the winter cold comes to an end, it is simpler to identify damage caused to pipes because of improper care. Of course, make sure to check your plumbing inside your home and pay extra attention to any exposed outdoors, as this will have gotten the majority of the cold weather. A few things to look for when figuring out if you have a cracked and leaking pipe:

  • If you have a higher water bill without changing the amount of water that you use, chances are you may have a leaking pipe.

  • Any unusual dampness or pooling water

  • Odors that may be mold caused by water

Most experienced Long Beach Plumbers will tell you that repairing any damage will help your home to have uninterrupted plumbing in the spring.

Slow Drainage and Clogged Pipes

When it comes to winter holiday season, people are generally coming in and out of the home for all types of festive gatherings. In addition, the extra long and warm showers people usually tend to take during the winter will also add to the strain on your pipes. This typically means extra strain on your pipes from soap scum, cleaning solutions, and hair. Because of this, you may need to clean out your drains to make sure they are in their best shape.

Trees and Plants

One of the greatest things about spring is the plants that come back to life. With this beauty comes the fact that unfortunately, their roots, especially tree and shrub roots, can attack underground pipes. This issue is sometimes difficult to spot, but there are a handful of signs that can assist in diagnosing the damage:

  • Water draining into your yard can be a sure sign that a pipe has broken and is letting water flow into your yard.

  • Higher water bills can indicate that there is a leak either in your home or outside.

  • Low water pressure and slow draining can also be a sure sign that something is preventing your home plumbing system from working the right way.

  • If your sewer line has been affected by plant roots you may see it in the form of backed up water from drains, toilets overflowing, and gurgling noises from drains.