How many times have your ignored a low water pressure or a leaking faucet? If you answered “every time”, then you probably have never had to deal with serious water line leaks. It is crucial to be aware of what to do before major damage occurs. Many homeowners don’t know or ignore the signs of a problem with their water lines. Undiscovered leaks can cause major damage to property structures.

Hidden Leaks

The plumbing system is composed of many water lines that are connected to different appliances in your home. Many plumbing fixtures are hidden and difficult to access. This means that water can build up behind walls, beneath floors, or in rooms you don’t use very often.

There are steps that you can take to identify leaks in your water lines. Although you may not be able to inspect every inch of your plumbing system, you can at least determine if there are any problems.

Turn off warm water appliances

It will be difficult for any appliance that is connected to your warm water mains to find leaks in the water lines. First, turn off any appliances that use warm water input.

Even though an appliance isn’t in use right now, it could still have a function that can detect a leak. This is true for washing machines as well as certain AC units. After everything is done, you can move on to the next step.

Make sure you check your Water meter

The main’s water meter is an important tool for detecting undetected leaks. Within a matter of minutes, you can check the dial on your main’s water meter to see if there are any problems in your plumbing system.

Your warm water appliances should be turned off so that the dial on your meter does not move. There is a 99.9 per cent chance that your water line leaks if the dial moves while you are watching.

You can check the Meter Numbers

Your meter’s numbers are another indicator of the integrity of your water lines. These numbers should be static as long as you don’t use any water.

Keep track of the numbers, and wait for twenty minutes before checking again. You can’t drink water while you wait, as you won’t get an accurate result. You may have a problem if the results don’t match your second check.