We homeowners often try to identify home problems before they become big problems. Common plumbing problems like clogged drainage can be caught using multiple senses, including sight, sound and smell. These are five indicators that your drain is blocked.

A Toilet, Sink or Tub Drain is Not Flowing Properly (or at all)

This is the most obvious sign that there is a clog. If only one fixture is affected, it is most likely a blockage of the trap. This is the U-shaped portion of the drain that holds water and prevents sewer gases from rising. It should be possible to push the obstruction past the trap and fix the slow drain.

The Toilet Bowl Fills Up with Water When there is Running Water In It

Because the drains in a bathroom are connected at one point, if one fixture or outlet affects the water level of the other, it generally indicates that there is a blockage in the drain line.

Multiple Drains Can be Slow Simultaneously

If your drains are acting up in a hurry, it could be a sign that there is a blockage in the sewer line. This underground pipe carries wastewater to the municipal sewer system. You should not ignore this type of blockage or you might end up with sewage backing up inside your home.

You’re Getting Horrible Smells

A plumbing blockage could cause a foul-smelling odor in your home that isn’t yet visible. It could be organic material that has rotted (common in kitchen drains) or the start of a sewage backup due to a blocked sewer line.

Unique Sounds Coming From the Pipes

The majority of pipes are hidden so it is important to listen for signs of a blockage. You might hear a dripping, bubbling or hissing sound, or even banging.

What Needs To Happen Next? 

The severity of the blockage and where it is located will determine how to unclog a drain. If you have a slow drain that is only in a toilet or bathtub, you might try to unclog it with a bent wire.

If the blockage is deeper than the plumbing or affects multiple outlets, you should call a Long Beach plumber. Long Beach plumbers recommend that you don’t use liquid drain clears or gel drain clears in an attempt to unclog any drain. These products can cause toxic fumes that can damage your pipes.