Your walls shouldn’t have plumbing that rattles. The noises of rattling and banging are commonly referred to as “waterhammer”, because the pipes make noises.

As a result, water moving through your pipes could create a vacuum-like effect. This is typically done by using a port located on the roof, near your faucet or other plumbing fixture. If the port becomes blocked, it can cause a hammering sound.

Main Line Problems

Long Beach plumbers often suggest that you turn off your main water supply if this happens. Turn on the maximum faucet in the house. This is the one located the furthest up and farthest from the main water supply.

Turn the floor faucet on the house around (the one located at the basement, outside or from the floor closest to the main sewer line) The water will eventually stop flowing and drain. Turn off the faucet at the minimum, switch on the main valve and wait for water to return to your pipes before turning it back on.

Water pressure

A high water pressure can also cause loud banging or rattling sounds from the pipes. This is most likely the problem. You should contact Long Beach Plumbing to inquire about installing a pressure regulator, or decrease valve. This allows water to flow more freely throughout your home, which can be beneficial for both the plumbing and appliances that use water.