Toilet paper is more important when you are stuck at home for long periods of time, rather than going to school or work. What can you do if you’re one of those unfortunate households who didn’t have the opportunity to purchase extra toilet paper before the shelves ran out?

There are many things you can use other than toilet paper. However, none of these items can be flushed down your toilet without causing a backup or sewage clog. This is not only for you but for your neighbor as well. These tips will help you pick the best toilet paper for you and your family. Consider how you’ll dispose of the alternative material. If it isn’t toilet paper or human waste it shouldn’t be flushed down your toilet.

Alternative Materials

  • Should You Flush Baby Wipes. You might be considering wet wiping’s to replace your toilet paper. Although moist towelettes may be a good wipe, they can’t be flushed down the drain. Unfortunately, the term “flushable wiping” is misleading. These products are made from woven cotton and synthetic fibers. They are not designed to be flushed down the toilet like toilet paper. You should throw away any baby wipes you have used.
  • Can You Flush Paper Towels? You should not flush napkins or paper towels down the toilet. After the shock of empty toilet paper shelves has worn off, your eyes will naturally turn to the neatly stacked paper towels and napkins just a bit further down the paper products aisle. These options are thicker and more durable than toilet paper. This makes them ineligible for flushing. You should throw away paper napkins or towels if you have to use them.
  • Can you flush facial tissues down the toilet? You shouldn’t flush facial tissue down the toilet. They feel very similar when you hold a tissue in one hands and a square toilet paper in your other. Toilet paper dissolves quickly in water, while facial tissues take longer to dissolve. Toilet paper can be replaced with tissue, but it is best to not flush it. Place it in the trash can.
  • Can you flush washable cloths down the toilet? You shouldn’t flush reusable cloths down your toilet.

Install a Bidet attachment or a Bidet. Bidets have become increasingly popular over the past decades. Bidet toilet attachments are even popular in North America, an area where the bidet trend was historically resistive.