The water heater in your home can affect the comfort of your bath and shower. This alone is reason to be vigilant! Your monthly utility bills will be affected by the water heater. A poorly installed or chosen water heater will be more expensive to run each month.

You want your water heater to be as efficient as possible, considering your financial security and comfort.

Different types of water heaters

You need to be able to choose the best residential water heater for you.

  • Conventional water heaters: These units have a reservoir (storage tanks) that holds hot water for when it’s not being used.
  • Tankless– These tankless water heaters heat water only when you use it. This reduces energy consumption and saves money.
  • Heat pump – Heat pumps are not capable of producing heat. They move heat from one area of your house to the other, saving you energy and providing hot water for your family.
  • Solar water heaters – These heaters use the sun’s power to heat water.

To be considered

Consider the following when choosing a water heating system for your home:

  • Fuel type, availability, monthly costs and fuel type – Annual operation costs, size and energy efficiency will all be affected by the fuel type.
  • The size of the unit: Depending on your home’s size, you might need a larger or smaller water heater.
  • Modern water heaters are energy efficient. They maximize efficiency and save money.
  • Cost – Before you buy, set a budget. It is important to know what you are willing to spend.