Get expert advice on planning a plumbing remodel. This includes diagrams showing where toilets and sinks are to be placed as well as tips for routing supply lines and drain pipes. You can install new fixtures above or below the soil pile.

When planning any plumbing addition, you need to consider code restrictions, layout limitations, and your capabilities. Although it’s easy to run supply lines from one place to another, it can be difficult to connect to drain-waste vent pipes. The simplest and most cost-effective method to add a fixture is to connect it to an existing soil stack. They may be restricted by codes.

You can also attach the fixture(s), back-to-back, to the soil stack. You will need to connect a new branch drain to the soil stack (see below right), or to an existing clean-out of the main house drain. Tie a bathroom sink or tub into an existing branch drain to cut labor costs. To begin with, you must be familiar with the basic anatomy of your house.