A gas leak can be very frightening. Although there are many ways to avoid them, the possibility of one happening while you are sleeping or when your children are home alone is frightening for obvious reasons.

Natural gas is a dangerous substance. You should be alert for signs of gas leaks. For younger children, you can keep it simple but let them know that they must leave the home if they see any obvious signs. You won’t need it, because well-maintained houses rarely have problems.

If you do have a gas leak, knowing the signs can save your life, or that of someone you love. Make sure you contact your local Long Beach plumber. Let’s now take a moment to review the most obvious signs of a gas leak and the steps to take to protect your family’s safety.


Natural gas does not have a scent. This turned out to be a fatal flaw that led to the If you do smell something foul and it is not your dog, then you should:

  • Evacuate vulnerable family members from the home
  • Turn off the gas at your home
  • As many windows as you can
  • Any electrical appliance that could start a fire should be turned off

After your family has left the building safely, contact your local gas company. Notifying the fire department is also a good idea.


If your green thumb is not working and your plants are wilting, or even dying without any apparent reason, there may be a gas leak. Before you check your gas lines, make sure to open as many windows and doors as possible. If the wilting becomes severe or sudden, you should evacuate your home and turn off the gas before calling a repair company. You should notify the gas company and the fire department if you suspect that the leak may be serious.


If your gas lines appear to be damaged or decayed, you should immediately turn it off. Follow the above evacuation and airing-out procedures. Before calling a gas repair service, inform the authorities if the leak is severe.

Natural gas leaks, which are invisible threats, can be very frightening. You can survive if you know the signs of a gas leaking, but it is better to take preventative steps from the beginning.

An annual inspection of your gas lines will allow experts to spot potential problems before they pose a risk to your family. Talking with your family about gas leaks and having evacuation plans in place can help increase your chances of them being noticed and taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. There is no reason to be afraid as long as your home is maintained and your family is kept informed.