Our world is fast-paced, and we need everything done quickly and efficiently. This is true for your home’s water pressure. Imagine washing dishes in the sink, and then trying to rinse them out with the water slowly.

It can be frustrating to try and fill the tub or take a bath while the water is coming out slowly. Low water pressure is a common problem in homes. Before you call your local plumber in Long Beach, CA, let us examine why your home may have low water pressure.

The Water Meter Valve or Main Shutoff Isn’t Fully Opened

The main shutoff valve allows city water to enter your home. The handle will look like a wheel or lever. It is usually located in your basement, or on an exterior wall. Low pressure in your home can be caused by a main shutoff valve that isn’t fully open.

This happens most often when you are fixing plumbing problems. The valve is closed to prevent water from entering your home. The water pressure in your house will drop if the valve isn’t returned to its original location.

It is easy to fix. Simply turn the wheel handle clockwise to the maximum distance it can go. Depending on the handle of your main shutoff valve, make sure that the lever is parallel to the pipes.

If the problem is due to a water meter valve not being fully opened, you might need to contact your local water department. The water meter valve, unlike the main shutoff valve which you can control, is the property the city.

Go to the location of the water-meter to check that the water-meter valve is open. To ensure proper water pressure, the valve must be in line with the water pipes.

Clogging Problems

As we have said, low water pressure does not always indicate a major plumbing problem. A clogged aerator filter could be the problem. It’s usually only one or two faucets that are affected, making it easy to diagnose. This problem can be easily resolved by cleaning out the aerator screen and replacing any that are damaged.

However, if low water pressure is due to clogged pipes, the problem is serious enough that you should call a Long Beach plumber. Water flow may be restricted if there is a blockage in the pipes. This is dangerous as water buildup in one area can cause pressure to build up and lead to pipes burst.

Faulty water pressure regulator

A water pressure regulator is a device that regulates water pressure. This valve is installed in your main water line and lowers water pressure. If the water pressure valve malfunctions, your water pressure may drop too much.

Low pressure will affect all water outlets and faucets in your home. A professional Long Beach plumber can help you resolve the problem. This is because the repair will involve shutting off your water meter valve. Only an expert should do this.

Plumbing Leaks

Leaks can reduce the flow of water in your home, and cause serious damage to the area where they occur. Leakage in your plumbing could cause water damage to walls and ceilings, as well as flooding on the floor. Leakage can also lead to higher water bills and usage.

If your faucets and shower heads are older than 1992, you might want to replace them. These types of faucets and shower heads use twice as much water as modern ones.

You now know what the most common causes of low water pressure in your house, so you can get in touch with a local plumber. The Long Beach plumbers can help you solve the problem. We can install a water pressure booster to fix the problem.