Ask a child about their favorite superpower. They will likely answer invisibility or flying. A superpower that could be useful for homeowners is X-ray vision. Many plumbing problems are hidden behind walls, in unfinished spaces or out of sight. Even a small leak can quickly become a major problem if it isn’t fixed. You can keep your home safe, and save money on costly repairs by looking for potential leaks.

These are five signs that your home is leaking.

Increased water bills There are several reasons your water bill suddenly goes up. You may have added people to your house. You can also consider seasonal factors like watering your lawn in summer. If you notice an unanticipated and unexpected increase in your water bills, it could be due to a hidden leak in your home.

Water damage You should investigate if you notice excess moisture, mold or mildew in your home.

Mold can cause health problems for you and your family, beyond the musty stench. To catch a hidden leak, look out for water spots on floors, ceilings, and walls.

A wet spot in your yard Your sewer line runs underground from the home to the municipal main. This pipe can be damaged by a variety reasons, including tree roots, clogs, collapsed pipes, and many others. The sewage contents may seep into the soil.

Similar rules apply to the underground pipe that connects to your septic tank. If you find a soggy or smelly spot on your property you should inspect the sewer pipe immediately.

Continuously running water meter Here’s how to test it. First, ensure that no water is being used in your home (including appliances). Next, place your ear close to the water meter. If the meter clicks, it means that water is being pulled into your home. This could indicate a leak.

Foundation cracks – It is normal for a house settle, which can cause small, usually harmless cracks in its foundation. If cracks develop quickly, this could indicate that there is a leak behind your walls. If the water is not fixed, it can cause more damage and spread.