People often don’t notice unusual sounds coming from their plumbing systems until after dark, when their homes are full of activity. It can be quite alarming to notice strange sounds after dark.

Common Plumbing Noises

Water leaks are usually indicated by a dripping or trickling sound. You should get plumbing repairs, regardless of whether it is a dripping faucet or a leaky toilet. Every drip and trickle could cost you money on your water bills! When you run water, there is a loud banging sound. Sometimes water can cause a pipe to break nearby.

A banging pipe can generally be fixed by sealing them with insulation to create a cushion between them.

Popping or rumbling sound from your water heater. When sediment builds up inside your heater, it heats up and releases moisture into the tank. This is what causes the popping or rumbling sound.

Water heater maintenance is crucial because sediment can lead to water heater corrosion.

A sudden sound that sounds like water rushing in a drain pipe – Dishwashers and washing machines release waste into the drain line. Although it might seem strange, this is normal.