There are many things that could cause damage to your pipes. High water pressure, burst pipes and rust are all common problems which can lead to severe financial consequences if not addressed. Particularly burst pipes could cause water damage and lead to higher water bills.

Burst Pipe signs

A burst pipe can often be detected by subtle signs, such as large water puddles inside your home. Burst pipes can be identified by issues such as low water pressure, high bills, water sounds and pipe noises.


Pipe damage to galvanized steel pipes is common due to rust. It’s similar to the rust found on cars. This can lead to a lower water volume and low pressure. The pipe will eventually rust at the threads and leak.

High Water Pressure

High water pressure is not likely to cause any damage to your pipes. A lot of water pressure can place a lot on your home’s plumbing system. This could cause loose joints and leaks. If you notice a change in the water pressure, make sure you check your faucets.

What Do You Need To Do

To avoid further damage, you should call a professional Long Beach, CA Plumber immediately if you notice that your pipes aren’t working properly.