Floor drains are an important part of your home’s plumbing system in Long Beach, CA. If your home suffers a burst pipe or water floods in your home from the outside, your floor drain provides water using an exit path so that it doesn’t sit there causing water damages and mold growth in your basement.

If you discover any issues with your floor drains, you’ll want to have them looked at immediately, so that the drains will be ready to perform when required.

3 Common Problems with Floor Drains in Long Beach, CA

Drain Blockages — If your floor drain overflows frequently or not fully drains out, it is likely that you have a drain blockage. Materials such as hair, grime, soap, or grease may have built up inside your sewer pipe, causing a clogged drain.

In this instance, give us a call for drain cleaning service, so we can get the pipe clear once again. In more severe cases, pipes become blocked if they break and fill with dirt. If this has occurred, a pipe repair or replacement will be necessary.

Foul Odors — Odors that come from floor drains can be extremely unpleasant. In many cases the trap has become dry and there is nothing to stop the nasty sewer odors from backing up into your home. Along with these odors, there’s a chance that insects from the sewage can make their way into your home as well, so it is not a problem that you want to ignore. In most cases, you can pour some water down the floor drain to refill the trap. This may block both the odors and the unwanted insects.

Leaky Sewer Pipes — Your floor drain is designed to allow a small water to back up if a great deal of water is discarded in your home at once, such as if one family member is doing laundry, one is flushing the toilet, and one is washing dishes.

The water is allowed to back up a little to limit strain on your main drain tube. If you absolutely never get a bit of this normal overflow in your floor drain, it may indicate that you have a broken sewer pipe and that your waste water is leaking into the ground. If you suspect this issue, call the local plumber in to take a look.