Are you tired of the constant drips from your faucet? A U.S. Geological Survey drip calculator estimates that you could lose more than 300 gallons each year if your faucet is leaking. Don’t let a minor problem like a leaky faucet cause you to overspend.

Get all the tools you need

All the supplies needed to fix a faucet leak. You will most likely need a flat-head screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, replacement washers and O-rings, as well as WD-40.

Don’t Forget to Turn off the Water

Once you have your tools, it is not enough to begin disassembling the faucet. Before you start disassembling the faucet, there is one thing you should do. This is one of most costly and common mistakes made in this project. You now have a leaky faucet, and are at high risk of water damage. Drain all water from faucet handles and main line knobs.

Make Sure You Replace Broken or Loose Parts


A dirty aerator could be the reason for a leaking kitchen or bathroom faucet. Remove any particles from the air aerator to determine if it is leaky. If the nozzle is not tightened, this will help you identify the problem.


The washer that is placed against the faucet seat prevents water from flowing when it is turned off. In some cases, the washer may need to be replaced. Remove the faucet head and inspect the washer to make sure it is in the original location.

A perfect match is impossible. If your washer gets too hot or cold, it could cause further problems.


O-rings are used for sealing many faucets. If the handle leaks, you can replace it. You must ensure that the O-ring is the right size.


Cartridge faucets can have one or two handles. These cartridge faucets are easier to identify than compression or ball faucets. They are easy to install. There are two options. You can either record the removal or simply put the items aside in the order they were taken. It is important to replace the washer and O-ring. Once they have been installed, you will be able to rebuild your faucet.

Replace Your Faucet

If the problem persists, you may have to replace the entire fixture.A new faucet can fix your problem.

Get Help from a Local Long Beach Plumber

It’s possible that the problem is not your fault.