It’s a hot summer season, so indoor and outdoor water consumption will increase. What can homeowners do to make sure that their summer is a pleasant one?

Enough! These are some summer maintenance tips that will help you avoid plumbing problems in Long Beach, CA.

Check sprinkler systems: Your lawn and garden are not the only ones that are suffering from the scorching sun. Hot weather can also affect your watering processes.

Drip-line pipes and above-ground sprinkler systems may crack from dry air or age. Sprinkler heads can be broken off by lawnmowers and in-ground systems that have been damaged by animals and roots. Leakages can be prevented by regular inspections and repairs.

Avoid clogged toilets while your children are away on summer vacation. Children should be taught how to properly use toilet paper and to never flush again if there is a blockage. Are you interested in hosting summer parties?

To avoid clogs, especially if your bathroom is finicky, you might consider leaving a notice in the bathroom to remind guests not to flush anything but toilet paper.

Washing machine hoses should be inspected: You will likely use your washer a lot this summer. The washer is able to take on any task, from extra dirty and sweaty yard work clothes to outdoor play clothes for the children.

Do a thorough maintenance inspection of all components of your washer, including the nozzle that draws water in from the plumbing and the hose that sends dirty water outside.

Do your research before you plant: There may be a TV commercial that asks for the contact information of the local gas company before you plant trees on your property. They want to prevent any trace from being damaged by shovels. This is also true for residential plumbing in Long Beach CA.

You want to avoid damaging water lines by not using your spade. You should also check to see if there are invasive root systems in the trees you plan to plant. These can cause damage to pipes or lead to your home, break irrigation systems, and even become twisted inside piping.

Keep the garbage disposal clean: Summer cookouts are more enjoyable when food waste is properly disposed of, that is in a bag. Contrary to what they sound like, garbage disposals are not designed for garbage disposal.

It can certainly grind up and wash away small pieces of most foods. However, if you have large amounts of meat, bones, fats, and fruit pits, and some uneaten pasta salad, you may need to call a plumber in order to unclog your kitchen drains or fix the disposal,