The toasty summer season is just around the corner, which means higher indoor and outdoor water use. However, what can a homeowner do to ensure a happy, disaster-free summertime as far as plumbing is worried?

Enough! Here are a few summertime maintenance tips to avoid problems with residential plumbing in Long Beach, CA

Inspect sprinkler methods: It’s not just your lawn and garden that’s baking in the heat of the sun all day–your watering process is also at the mercy of hot weather.

Above-ground sprinkler systems and drip-line pipes may begin to crack due to age or dry air, while sprinkler heads get broken off by lawn mowers and in-ground systems damaged by animals or plant roots. Regular inspections and making repairs can prevent leaks.

Get ahead of clogged toilets: Your home’s bathrooms are in overdrive when children are on summer break from school. To decrease the chances of a toilet clog, teach children to use the suitable amount of toilet paper, as well as to not attempt re-flushing should blockage occur with the first flush. Is hosting summertime gatherings your thing?

As a general request to avoid clogs–especially if you have a finicky bathroom –contemplate leaving a discreet notice in the bathroom for guests to not flush anything down but toilet paper, and not a lot of that.

Assess washing machine hoses: Without a doubt, you will probably use your washing machine quite a bit this summer. From extra sweaty and dirty yard work clothes to the kids’ outside play clothes, the washer can see action everyday.

Perform a thorough maintenance check of your washer’s components –the nozzle where water flows in from the home’s plumbing, and the hose that sends filthy water outside.

Do research before planting: You may have seen television commercials using a message from the local gas company to call them before planting trees on your property. This is because they want to keep traces from getting damaged by shovels. The same goes for the pipes that make up residential plumbing in Long Beach, CA

First, you want to keep from busting open water lines with your spade. Another thing to do is to find out if the trees that you want to plant have invasive root systems, which can break plumbing pipes nearby or leading to your house, ruin irrigation systems and even get twisted up inside piping.

Maintain the garbage disposal: Enjoy summer cookouts more when food waste is disposed of properly–that is, in a garbage bag. Contrary to its name, garbage disposals are not constructed for disposing garbage.

Sure, it can grind up and wash away small particles of most foods, however throw down chunks of barbecue meat, bones, fat, fruit pits and rinds and several pieces of uneaten pasta salad and you could wind up having to call a plumber to unclog your kitchen pipes or repair the disposal.