Indoor plumbing in Long Beach, CA is one of the greatest conveniences we have in our contemporary age. Unfortunately, a lot of us take it for granted until something goes wrong and we will have to call a plumber.

Countless things can go wrong with our plumbing and bathrooms, and more often than not, the issues are totally avoidable. For example, many issues can be prevented by simply making certain that nothing goes down the bathroom that really shouldn’t. Below are some of the most frequently flushed items that can wreak havoc on a bathroom:

Flushable wipes: The leading cause of all avoidable toilet backups is”flushable” or”disposable” wipes. These wipes are great for cleaning up, but they’re typically far too thick to be flushed down the toilet. Even the ones advertised as being safe for sewers and septic systems aren’t okay to flush. Just toss them in the trash; your plumbing will thank you!

Paper towels: Similar into the”flushable” wipes, paper towels are just too thick to really go down your toilet. Even though the paper is biodegradable, it doesn’t break down as fast as toilet paper, which is going to end up causing a clog and the necessity to call for affordable plumbing in Altoona, PA.. .

Bandages: Bandages are small, so they should not have any trouble going down the toilet? Wrong! Most bandages are made from plastic, so they aren’t biodegradable. You won’t notice it immediately, but those bandages can lead to clogs in your toilet down the road.

Medication: The good news is that ditching expired medication down the toilet will not do anything to cause a clog. The bad news is that your prescription medication will eventually contaminate our water supply!

Water treatment facilities can’t do anything to clean medication out of the water, so take your expired medication back to the health clinic or hospital. They have appropriate means for disposing of old prescriptions.

Grease and fats: Dumping used cooking grease down the sink or into the bathroom appears to be a simple way to clean up without dealing with a smelly trash can. After all, they’re liquids, and liquids should be safe to go down the drain. But that liquid grease will eventually harden and cause a clog in your plumbing in Long Beach, CA.

You will need to call a plumber at Long Beach, CA to fix your issue. Set your cooking grease in your trashcan and take it into the dumpster to avoid having to call a plumber.

Hair: Don’t think that just because hair is a natural part of our bodies that it is safe to go down the bathroom or the drain. After a time, hair will ball up and cause major clogs. Throw all of your loose hair from the trash–or better yet, compost it!