Are you frustrated by the slowness of your toilet water refilling after a flush? Although none of these issues are severe or costly it is possible to identify the problem and find the right solution to make your toilet work again.

Does your toilet take too long to fill?

Your toilet might take longer to fill due to a blocked drain or vent, poor plumbing or a blockage in your pipe.

A blocked vent: Clearing a clogged drain is essential to ensure the tank functions properly. It can also be cleaned with vinegar and baking soda.

Faulty plumbing.

Blockage in a pipe. If there is anything that blocks water flow to your toilet tank (e.g. a piece of furniture or a toy), it will take longer for the toilet to fill.

What can I do to fix my slow-firing toilet.

If you know the problem, it’s easy to fix slow-filling toilets. If the plumbing is not working properly, a professional may be needed to inspect it.

Clear your blocked vent

You can clean your drain with needle nose pliers. You should add six cups vinegar, one-half cup baking soda, and six cups of water to the tank. Let it sit for ten minutes before flushing the toilet.

Clear blockage in your drain

Let the vinegar and baking soda sit in the drain for 10 minutes. Then pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain. If that fails, pour six cups of boiling water down your drain.

Fix any plumbing leaks

Long Beach plumbers are able to fix any plumbing problem that could be causing water to leak.

Remove any blockage in the pipeline

Long Beach Plumbers recommend that you use a plunger in order to clear any blockages from water flowing into your tank. Pour boiling water down the drain.

These solutions may work to fix slow-filling toilets. Long Beach plumbers are recommended if none of these options work. Slow-filling toilets can cause water to waste a lot. It is crucial that your toilet flushes efficiently each time you use it.