No one likes a cold shower. Your water heater may be causing you to run out of hot water faster than usual. Before you blame your spouse for the cold water shower, know that a hot-water heater not able to keep up with demand can be a sign of trouble and may need to be repaired. It’s not necessary to endure icy showers every day. These simple tips will help you identify the root cause of your problem.

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

Here are some signs that your water heater needs professional repair by a Long Beach Plumber:

  • Hot water running out faster than usual
  • Low hot water pressure
  • Water leaking
  • Water that is rusty, cloudy, or discolored
  • Water with an unpleasant odor/taste
  • Water heater making unusual noises

Troubleshooting Tips to Troubleshoot a Malfunctioning Heater

These troubleshooting tips will help you determine the cause of your water heater problem.

  • Look for water leaks around your heater. Leakage from the top of the heater can be caused by a loose pipe or a valve failure. Water leaking from heater’s bottom is usually due to condensation, a leaky seal, or water escaping from the overflow pipe because of too much pressure.
  • You should check the circuit breaker. It’s possible that the circuit breaker has tripped if you don’t have hot water. Check your electrical panel for misaligned switches. Flip the switch to align the circuit if it is in an unusual position. If this is not the problem, it may be the heating elements. Professional replacements are required.
  • Check for sediment in the heater. To see if your hot water supply is restored, you could flush the tank then refill it.
  • Check the water. If you see rusty water, it is likely that corrosion has occurred on the heaters or the tank’s interior.

What should I do if my water heater needs repair?

It’s a smart idea to seek professional assistance if you have found the cause of your hot water problem. You may end up spending more money and having to deal with the problem yourself. A licensed Long Beach Plumber will diagnose the problem quickly and fix it safely, so you can go back to hot showers.