A broken toilet fitting could be the reason your toilet is leaking. The flange, which is the metal coupling that sits on top of the wax rings and connects the toilet and the sewer pipe, is what causes your toilet to leak. You will likely have a leak if either of the pieces becomes worn or damaged. This is a common problem. We can help you fix it.

5 Signs Your Toilet Flange is Leaking

There are many things that can lead to a leaking toilet. However, the most common problem is when the wax ring and flange under the toilet break, are crooked or are faulty. How do you know if the flange of your toilet is faulty? These are the most common symptoms of a wax ring leakage or flange failure in a toilet.

Your toilet is shaky. A wobbly toilet can indicate that the wax ring or flange beneath it is failing. They are there to secure the toilet to the floor. If the toilet is wobbling, it means that these components are not doing their job.

Unpleasing odors. When the wax ring cracks or falls apart, gases can enter your living space and cause unpleasant odors.

Water pooling where your toilet meets the ground. If water is pooling around the base of your toilet, but you don’t see any dripping from the tank, it’s likely that the flange is to blame.

A springy or spongy floor around the toilet This indicates that your flange is leaky. It allows toilet water to seep into your subfloor, making it less rigid. Wood rot can occur, and this can cause serious safety issues. Additional repairs may be required.

Your toilet’s flooring is starting to rise. The flange could be leaking if the tiles or linoleum around your toilet are beginning to buckle, rise or crack. This will cause the subfloor to soak and make it uneven, causing the flooring’s failure.

How to Fix a Toilet Flange

To keep your toilet in top condition, it is recommended that the toilet flange be replaced approximately every six to seven year. To repair a loose or damaged toilet flange, you will need to disconnect the toilet and remove it from the water supply.

You’ll then need to remove the wax ring, flange, and any other debris. Next, install the new wax ring, flange and toilet. Finally, turn on the water again and check for leaks. Sometimes the bolts that hold the toilet down get rusty and the nuts don’t easily come off. You might need to use a hacksaw, reciprocating saw or a drill to remove the bolts.

Locate a local Long Beach Plumber to help with toilet flange leaks

Toilet leaks should not be ignored. It’s better to take action now than to deal with unpleasant and expensive consequences later. Leaking toilets can cause serious damage to your home, and could even result in health and safety problems due to the bacteria-laden water and sewer gasses entering your home.