Is your plumbing system on the verge of collapse? It’s time to have your plumbing checked if you’re experiencing slow draining sinks or messy backups. Here are some warning signs homeowners and businesses should be aware of.

Sewage Smells

Does your bathroom smell like rotten eggs? Your pipes could be clogged and allowing bacteria to grow. Sometimes the stench can be quite strong and may even be coming from your drains. If the smell is coming from outside, it could indicate a bigger problem. If you have stopped hosting parties in your yard because it smells like a garbage pile, you might have a sewer leak.

This can be very dangerous as your family and friends could be exposed to bacteria that causes illness. If the damage is too severe, you could be contaminating your environment and causing havoc on the properties of others. Long Beach plumbers can identify the source of the problem and fix your pipes.

Slow Drains

This could indicate a blockage in your pipes if you need to hurry through your shower or clean up after dinner. Drain cleaning services can clear out any obstructions in your drain lines so that you can get on with your day without worrying.

Backups and Recurring Clogs

Do you reach for the plunger nearly every day? Overflowing sinks or frequent sewage backups can be a sign of a blocked drain line. An inspection by a professional can identify the source of the problem and help you decide if a drain cleaning service is right for you.

Too Much Time Has Past

Property owners should consider investing in Long Beach drain cleaning services at least once every one to two years. If it has been more than a decade since your last plumbing appointment, it is likely that it is time to call the pros. A drain cleaning service is a great option if you have been having plumbing problems.