Rust stains can be seen on cars, outdoor machinery, and other things that are left out in the harsh elements. The last place we want them to appear is inside our homes.

You may be asking yourself why the ongoing battle keeping these stains out of the bathroom is such a struggle,

What Causes Rust Stains?

Many of us have hard water. What does that mean? Hard water contains a high amount of iron and minerals. When that water is left on the surface of the bathroom fixtures it oxidizes and slowly causes rust stains.

Bathroom Moisture

Since water and dampness is the cause, maintaining a bathroom as dry as possible is the goal. That of course, is a hefty accomplishment to try and accomplish.

A great hot shower in the morning is always a great way to kick start your day. However, look at wiping down those bathroom surfaces afterwards. The best way to keep moisture from turning into rust is by eliminating as much of it as you can.