Although a leaky outdoor faucet might not seem to be a major problem, it can cause serious damage. It’s outside so the problem isn’t too big. A leaky faucet can cause damage to your property but it will waste a lot.

A slow leaky faucet might not stay that way forever. The leak could grow into a larger problem that can potentially damage nearby plants. This is how to fix an outdoor faucet that has a leak and save water.


A screwdriver, wrench and pliers can fix almost all outdoor faucet leaks. These tools can be used in a variety of ways depending on what fix you prefer. You will need different materials depending on the source of the leak. It is important to locate the cause.

These fixes are recommended. If the first doesn’t work, move on to the next. They’ll start with the simplest repairs, then move on to more complex fixes that will require additional parts.


This is the easiest way to fix faucet leaks. The retaining nut is hidden behind the handle of the spigot. This nut can be tightened with a wrench. It is important to not tighten the nut too tightly as this could cause damage to the nut and you will have to replace it.

To tighten the nut, it shouldn’t take much pressure. If the spigot is still leaking and the nut is not flush against it, you can proceed to the next step. To determine if the source of the problem is in the nut, replace it immediately if it is visible.


The washer at the faucet stem’s end needs to be replaced. This is the second most common problem. First, turn off the water supply. This will allow you to remove the faucet stem. You can remove the handle and loosen it so you can pull the faucet stem out.

The stems can reach up to 12 inches depending on the faucet. The washer at the end will need to be removed with a screwdriver. Install a new washer, remove the handle and stem, and then test the leak.


A vacuum breaker will be found on outdoor faucets. The vacuum breaker is covered by a cap. You need to take off the cap. It might be necessary to remove the cap with a screwdriver. The actual breaker is hidden beneath the cap. Wash the breaker parts first.

Sometimes they can’t function efficiently if they become dirty. Cleaning the parts may fix the problem. After cleaning the parts, you can replace them and check for leaks. If the cleaning doesn’t work, replace the vacuum breaker.