Many plumbing leaks can be very costly if they are not addressed promptly. Call a local Long Beach Plumber to check your water pressure and inspect your home regularly. Homeowners and business owners with savvy eyes would rather avoid plumbing leaks that could cause serious financial losses.

Slow Plumbing Leaks

Did know that homeowners insurance might not cover slow leaks or poor maintenance? Insurance might not cover the cost to repair a small, continuous drip on the plywood or floor beneath your water heater.

Many water pipes are concealed within walls, ceilings, floors. Even a small leak might not be obvious. Homeowner’s insurance should cover the cost of removing walls or ceilings to fix a leaky plumbing pipe. Check your policy. If yours does not include a deductible, you can always get another one.

Mold Damage due to a Leak in the Plumbing Systems

A leaky pipe in a wall can cause respiratory problems for the family. Mold problems could be a problem for you or your family if you have symptoms like respiratory issues that disappear when it is away from you. This can make breathing more difficult for infants and seniors.