Water Is essential for our homes, as long as it is contained in our pipes, sinks, tubs or other appropriate appliances, such as a dishwasher. However, water can quickly become a problem if it finds its way into your home, possibly causing damage to the structure and furnishings. Most homeowners will experience a water leak in their lifetime. There are some leaks that are obvious, such as frozen or broken pipes.

Other hidden problems include loose connections in the under-floor plumbing lines. Detecting a water leak early can save you money and prevent potential problems.

Locate the leak source

Before any plumber uses any specialized equipment they will take a look around your house to find any potential leaks. You will need to inspect fixtures and look under all your sinks. A plumber will examine your water meter to determine how much water you are using.

Acoustic listening devices

Ground microphones and listening disks are the basic tools that licensed plumbers use to identify and pinpoint leaks . They can detect the sound of water running underground through your pipes using this sound technology.

This will allow the plumber to get a better understanding of the location of the leak before they attempt to fix it. Deck plates can also be used to listen to bricks, concrete, or other stone surfaces.

Heat scanners

Local Long Beach, CA Plumbers can use heat scanners or thermal imaging cameras to detect temperature changes in areas that are too loud or too deep to hear acoustic sounds. Thermal imaging cameras are a great way to see areas that the naked eye can’t see because escaping water causes temperature shifts. They are able to detect hidden water leaks as well as their source, and also detect moisture that can’t be physically measured with moisture meters.

Video pipe inspection equipment

Local Long Beach, CA Plumbers often use video pipe inspection equipment to detect leaks accurately. These tiny cameras are attached to long fiber optic cables. The camera transmits images to a monitor so that the plumber can inspect the inside of the pipe. This allows them to locate the source of the leak that might be hard to see from the outside. It also gives them any additional information needed to repair the leak.

Why is water leak detection so important?

You should contact water leak specialists to identify any leaks in your house. It is important to have a professional plumber available in case you discover a leak.

Local Long Beach, CA Plumbers who have worked with many households have extensive knowledge about where they can find leaks and how to get them fixed quickly. Like most plumbing problems, water leaks are not easy to fix. Pipe leaks will not disappear by themselves. Water damage that is not addressed quickly will only get worse if it isn’t. This includes all aspects of water damage including mold growth and structural deterioration. Leaks can be very dangerous and should be fixed as soon as possible.