Our parents believed us when we said that swallowed gum can stay in your stomach for seven-years and that you need to wait at least an hour before going swimming. Here are some bathroom plumbing myths to forget and useful bathroom cleaning tips you can follow.


These myths about the bathroom are worth a closer look:

Toilet water drains in a different way depending on where you are located in the world

False. False. The flow of toilet water from the bowl depends more on how the jets spray than it does on whether you’re in the northern or Southern hemisphere.

This myth is based upon the Coriolis effect. It refers to the way that Earth’s constant, counterclockwise rotation affects the trajectory of moving objects. However, the Earth doesn’t spin fast enough to have any effect on your toilet water. The Australians’ toilet water doesn’t spin in the opposite direction to ours.

There’s a chance you could find a snake in your toilet

True. Although it is extremely rare, reports have come in of snakes getting into toilets.

The critters will always seek out dark places to hide and food sources. Although snakes can get into homes through broken sewer pipes, it is very unlikely that they will be found in your toilet.

Flushable wipes are safe for your plumbing

False. Pre-moistened wipes can be used for cleaning wipes and baby wipes as well as for bathroom wipes.

Although the packaging says they can be flushed down the toilet, plumbing experts warn that these wipes could cause serious backups in your sewage line.


These are some amazing bathroom hacks you should try!

Clean Your Toilet Brush

How many of us use a toilet brush to clean our toilets and then slip the brush back into the holder? Yuck! To rinse the brush, run clean water over it. Then close the lid and cover the handle with a towel to allow it to drip into the toilet bowl.

To keep your toiler brush clean, you can add white vinegar and water to the holder.

Make Your Shower Clean

Next time you take a bath, look at the showerhead. It’s probably not as clean or as neat as it should be. In a microwave, heat white vinegar and a few teaspoons dish soap. To remove the grime buildup, pour it into a spray bottle.

Dryer sheets are more than just for laundry

Dryer sheets do double duty when you add water. They can be used to remove soap scum from your tub or shower, or to restore the shine of chrome fixtures.