Why low water pressure?

Low water stress in Long Beach, CA is very rare. We wanted to write an article to alert you to possible causes of your home’s drop in water pressure.

Most homes in our area have high water pressure. A pressure-reducing valve is installed to adjust the water flow. If you notice a drop in water pressure, even if it is not a sudden one, you should have a licensed plumber inspect the home.

There are several possible causes.

Galvanized water lines can still be found in older homes. They are more susceptible to clogging over time. These lines can become clogged in the same way as arteries. Over time, debris builds up and makes it less fluid-able. Our licensed plumbers in Long Beach can diagnose the problem and make it right.

If water-saving inserts were installed, water flow may be restricted at fixtures.

If you have one faucet with low water pressure, we recommend that you clean the aerator (the net screen on many faucets that regulates water flow).

The most serious sign is very low water pressure. This could indicate a leak or multiple leaks in your pipes. This could be a sign that your water bills are rising or you may feel the pinch next month.

Water Line Damage Avoidable

You and your family will likely find yourself running the sinks or showers more often than usual when there isn’t enough water. This could be because you are trying to clean your hands or wash your clothes.

You might not know that most of the water entering your pipes may be escaping to your floor or the structure of your house. This can lead to serious water damage and a high water bill.