Do you experience back-ups in the home all the time? Do you worry it could happen again? Backups in your home can be frustrating and even stressful. You will have to try different solutions until a plumber arrives. If you continue to have backups in your house, it could be an indication of a larger problem with your sewer system.

Our Long Beach Plumbers will help you solve any plumbing problems, even if they are causing frequent backups in the home. This blog will explain why frequent backups are occurring in your home. It will also discuss whether they will occur again and the various solutions. We will also show you how to prevent frequent backups from ever happening again. You will be able make the right decision for your home and yourself.

Why are you experiencing frequent backups?

It is normal to have backups in your house. What if this keeps happening? We’ll be the first ones to tell you it isn’t.

You may have old piping from the time your house was built.

PVC, cast iron or clay are the most common materials used for sewer pipes. However, these pipes are not designed to last forever. Backups will develop over time as your pipes crack, corrode, or break. While this is not the only reason for frequent backups in the home, it is the most common.

  • Clogs
    • Stoppages or clogs are caused by solid objects getting stuck in your sewer line. These can include hair, cooking grease and feminine products.
    • There are two types of stoppages: main and local.
  • Roots
    • Tree roots could cause serious problems if they get into your sewer lines. Roots can grow into sewer lines and cause problems. Once the roots are removed, it is possible to repair or replace the pipe.

How to Address Frequent Backups

There are many options to address frequent backups in your house.

  • Repair the Pipes
    • Never despair, just repair! Repairing your sewer pipes is one of the best things you can do if you experience frequent backups. There are many ways to fix your pipes, including epoxy liners.
  • Replacing the Pipes
    • One way to fix the problem of frequent back-ups is to replace the pipes in your sewer system. Back-ups can be caused by old piping material that has been damaged, corroded, or cracked. It can be costly to replace all of your sewer pipes. We recommend replacing the ones that are most problematic for you.
    • It is a good idea to have a professional Long Beach Plumber inspect your system before you attempt to fix it.
  • Sewer Descale
    • A snake can usually clear a sewer line blockage. Although a snake can be used to remove a blockage in your sewer line, it is only temporary.
    • To prevent blockages in the future, you can descale your sewer line.
  • Hydro-Jetting
    • Hydro-jetting can also be used to clear your home of backups. This machine is used to clear clogs or blockages in your pipes usingupto four thousand PSI (pounds per square inch) of water pressure. A hydro-jet can be used on any plumbing system. However, the machine is most commonly used by restaurants and commercial buildings to remove grease and sludge from their pipes.
    • Hydro-jetting is also great for roots that grow in your pipes. It spins and cuts roots more efficiently than a snake.

Are Backups Possible Again? How to Prevent BackUps

There are many ways to prevent constant backups from happening in your home. However, some solutions can only be temporary. Changing the pipes in your sewer line is the only way to prevent backups from occurring again. You must now be curious about how to stop backups from happening again.

There are other ways to stop backups from occurring:

  • Even if you have a garbage disposal, never pour fats, oils or celery down the drain.
  • Do not flush so-called “flushable” bathroom wipes down the toilet.
  • Disposable diapers and hygiene products should not be flushed down the toilet.
  • To remove buildup and clogs in your sewer line, have it cleaned every year.
  • Have your sewer line checked regularly.

Get ‘Backing up’ for Your Problems

Backups can be frustrating, but they don’t have to be. With the information you have just read, you will be able make the best decisions for your home regarding frequent backups. Now you know the reasons for constant backups in your home and how to fix them. The best way to stop backups from returning to your home is to have your pipes replaced.