Flushable wipes are a favorite of everyone. Flushable wipes provide a cleaner, more refreshing sensation than toilet paper. Even medicated wipes can be used to treat painful medical conditions. Are flushable wipes actually flushable? Are flushable wipes a risk to the septic system or the sewer pipes?

Flushable wipes are really flushable?

Are flushable wipes safe to use in plumbing? This question is not unique to homeowners. The answer is no. Although they have been around for many years, most people don’t know that they are not suitable for plumbing.

Wipes are made from a type paper pulp that is held together by non-degradable materials such as polyester and polymers. Wipes are not like toilet paper, which begins to dissolve in water almost immediately. Unbroken wipes can cause flooding, backups, clogs and blockages.

Do Flushable Wipes Clog Pipes?

Flushable wipes can clog pipes. Although the wipes manufacturers may tell you otherwise to continue selling their products, our plumbers know better. You might have a clogged bathroom if you’ve used flushable wipes for a while, but you may not be aware of the potential damage they can cause to your waste pipes.

Here is a quick guide on how to unclog your toilet with flushable wipes.

  • Use a plunger to open the sewer pipe.
  • Get a toilet snake. You can grab the toilet paper and pull it out using the toilet plumbing. You should be ready to pull out the wipes from the pipe and throw them in the trashcan.
  • Call a professional .

Are Flushable wipes safe?

You might wonder if flushable wipes can harm your septic tank if you have a septic line instead of connecting to the city’s sewer system. Your septic system is not as good as a sewer system. Non-dissolvable wipes can also clog your pipes. Solids build up in the septic tank, causing more frequent septic pumping. This can lead to increased plumbing costs and a potential clogging problem for your septic system.