You have a lot of dishes to clean, your children need a bath, and you want to take a hot shower to get rid of all the stress. While sweeping your garage, you discovered that your water heater was leaky. You aren’t sure if you can continue to use water while your heater leaks.

Leakages in water heaters usually originate at the cold water inlets or drain valve. These leaks are generally minor so you can take a hot shower or wash dishes while waiting for a local Long Beach, CA Plumber. If the leaks cause a large pool of water or are coming from the T&P valve you should consult a licensed Long Beach, CA Plumber before you use water.

Can You Shower Safely When Your Water Heater is Leaking?

Many of us can’t get our day started until we have a hot, refreshing shower. It can be very frustrating when things get in the way of our shower. You noticed some moisture around your water heater recently and started to worry that it would affect your ability shower. While you don’t want anything to damage your appliance, it’s hard to imagine not taking a daily shower.

It becomes a mystery if hot water can be used if your water heater isn’t working properly. If the leak is not severe, you can still shower (and use hot water for everything else). While you wait for a local Long Beach, CA Plumber to arrive, it is important that your daily routines are kept in check.

A water heater with a leaky bottom or other issues should be stopped from being used for long-term. To prevent water damage to your house and appliances, you must replace the water heater tank right away. If there is a large leak, shut off the appliance right away and don’t use hot water. Sometimes, a large water leak can cause the heater to explode.

What are the Dangers of Using Leaky Water Heaters

Water heater leaks are rarely dangerous. Leaky water heaters, in fact, are quite known and should be addressed by a residential Long Beach, CA Plumbing technicianWater heater leaks are not a major concern but in some cases, they can be dangerous. These are the possible dangers associated with a hot water heater that is leaking.

  • Scalding water:Broken parts, such as a T&P valve that isn’t working properly, can cause damage to the thermostat or temperature detector. The water may overheat, and you might be burnt while washing your hands or showering.
  • Flooding: The greatest danger of water coming from a leaking heater is flooding. A small leak can cause damage to your home’s structural integrity by allowing water to flow through the appliance.
  • Gas Leak: A gas leak can cause natural gas to escape from your gas heater. Gas leaks can be dangerous for your health and could cause a fire in your home.
  • Tank Explosion While it is rare, your water heater tank might explode if there is too much pressure inside. This could result in serious property damage.

How to handle a leaky water heater

You don’t have to stop your normal daily activities if you suspect that your water heater may be leaking. While you wait for a local Long Beach CA Plumber to arrive, you can usually continue to use hot water temporarily.